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T-Mobile (B2C/B2B)

How do you fix a failing brand? 



When I first started working with T-Mobile, the one question on everyone's mind was, "How do you help to fix a failing brand?" It wasn’t until John Legere came in to shake things up, that many of those questions started to get answered — assisting a number of different ad firms in Seattle on dozens of T-Mobile's consumer and B2B campaigns. Eventually doing work that led to winning a highly-prestigious ECHO award from the Direct Marketing Association.

T-Mobile US Inc has built a reputation as a scrappy underdog by offering cell service with no contracts and cheap prices. Now it’s aiming for another title: America’s No. 1 wireless carrier.
— Reuters


Most people understood that T-Mobile (on the consumer side), is known for having a spotty, unreliable network as far back as I can remember. So, when it came to convincing B2B customers that T-Mobile was the better option for business, we knew if we could just get them to try it, they would  see what we saw. A better option. 



We knew we had to focus on T-Mobile’s coverage as the main obstacle and also promote many of the unique business extras, which came along with each new business plan, as a way to show just how different they really are. So we created over a dozen acquisition email and direct mail campaigns to better direct prospects to a landing page and lead capture form that I wrote and developed with the creative team at VML (later becoming Y&RG Seattle then Wunderman Seattle). Next, we A/B tested each and every deployment so we could scale what worked and stop what didn’t. 


Winner of an International Echo Award from the Direct Marketing Association.

“There are things about being a Copywriter that I didn’t understand were as valuable as they are until I started working with Jared. Without being asked or encouraged to do so, he naturally set a very high standard for attention to detail and follow up, and also did great work contributing where there were creative leadership opportunities…”

– Marisa Fulmer, Project Manager, VML/Y&RG/Wunderman Seattle


“Jared brings energetic, inquisitive dedication to the task. As we've worked together on a range of consumer and B2B work, he has always embraced each assignment, worked well with others, delivered on time, and presented well and confidently in front of clients.”

– John Liebenthal, Associate Creative Director, VML/Y&RG/Wunderman Seattle


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Since 2008, I’ve completed over 200 creative copywriting projects for many big-name brands like you see above. Delivering everything from integrated campaigns, video/web/social media campaigns, major website overhauls, microsites, direct mail, print ads and more... I started Jared Kessler Creative as a way to provide a better, more results-driven approach for doing just that. But in a different more personalized way.

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