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A strategic content and consulting studio led by Jared Kessler.


Meet for coffee. Hit record. See what happens.

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Welcome to the podcast that’s slooooooowly coming to fruition!

It all started when I finished watching just about every Jerry Seinfeld episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” I loved the format, but at the same time, didn’t love the fact that to do a production like his would take a TON of time and money.

So I decided to come up with my own spin, geared towards creatives (in podcast form) called, “Creatives in Cafes Having Conversation.”

The idea?

To help creatives like you better navigate the ever-changing waters of the world we live in today. And to help me, get out and talk to more like-minded people, like you, over a cup of coffee (or tea — which I mostly drink).

On top of that?

I just thought it was important to start having real-life conversations, with those who are in the creative field, to discuss what it’s like to do the things we love, while often-times, having to do a TON of things we don’t necessarily love, to survive. To “pay the bills.” To retire with a nice little nest egg, or just give us enough money to have the freedom to do the things we want to do, whenever we want to do them.

So sit back, relax, and listen in on our real-life, un-edited conversations, successes, and struggles… as we record, LIVE each week (or at least try my best to record each week), Creatives in Cafes Having Conversation (CICHC).

To check out, subscribe, and be a part of the show…

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Who am I?

Leveraging over 10 years of experience working with some of the most highly-recognized ad firms and brands, I started Jared Kessler Creative (JKC) to deliver thoughtfully-crafted words, ideas, and pictures to grow your brand and bottom line. Offering a unique array of creative services to better connect your company to your customers in new, results-driven ways.

Curious how? 

Please visit for more information.

Have a question you want answered on the show?

Simply tweet me @jaredkessler using the hashtag #CICHC (Creatives in Cafes Having Conversation) or leave a comment on our Instagram page @cichcpodcast and I’ll do my best to answer them.

In Seattle? And want to be a guest on the show?

Fill out my contact form, or just shoot me an email at and let me know why you, or someone you know, would be a great guest to have on the show. And what sort of creative field you (or they) are in. And I’ll try my best to get back to you.

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