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A creative content studio led by Jared Kessler.


How do you get millions of annoyed people to make a not-so-annoying switch?



Microsoft has dominated both the computer hardware and software business for quite some time. One of the world’s largest software maker by revenue, and one of the world’s most valuable companies, I worked together with Pop to help transition millions of dissatisfied Microsoft customers from Hotmail to Outlook. And at the same time, worked on a number different campaigns with a number of different ad firms over the years, to help maintain their global dominance.


Unfortunately for us, there were a number of deeply unsatisfied Hotmail users that we had to somehow convince to sign up for Outlook. Many of which, could’ve easily signed up for Gmail instead. So, I worked closely with the team at Pop to find new and innovative ways to craft numerous emails, banner ads, and sign-in and sign-out pages that had to somehow convince many of their users that Outlook was the better alternative instead.



It's incredibly difficult to get someone to switch email service providers, unless you give them a valid enough reason to.



I’m a Gmail guy. I always have been. To get me to change to Outlook, you’d have to do a lot to convince me to switch. But as a Hotmail user? We still had a fighting chance. So, I wanted to make sure of two main things. One, signing up for Gmail wasn’t an option. Two, signing up for Outlook was going to improve your life in some meaningful way. 


“I needed some sharp, witty, informative copy, and Jared delivered with bells on. We weren’t sure if anyone could get us the messaging we needed with such a quick turnaround and minimal backstory. We were able to take Jared’s copy and hand off some great work to our client, who was quite pleased, all in record time.”

Hannah Stover, Project Manager, Ten Gun Design


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Since 2008, I’ve completed over 200 creative copywriting projects for many big-name brands like you see above. Delivering everything from integrated campaigns, video/web/social media campaigns, major website overhauls, microsites, direct mail, print ads and more... I started Jared Kessler Creativeas a way to provide a better, more results-driven approach for doing just that. But in a different more personalized way.

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