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The Hyatt

How do you sell a luxurious vacation that isn’t really a vacation?



With residences from Maui to Alabama, the Hyatt Residences has dozens of places you and your entire family can go to enjoy some of the most spectacular getaways. Ever! The only thing is, despite how glorious that may sound, underneath it all, there’s a certain “timeshare” stigma attached to these kinds of getaways. So, I joined The Hacker Agency to fill in for the Associate Creative Director over the next few months to help create an online and direct mail campaign to help dispel the dirty timeshare myth. And still get people clamoring through their doors.


While the Hyatt has quite an extraordinary brand, the Hyatt Residence Club is quite different. Trying to get people to their resort, only to be sold on purchasing one of their luxury rentals while you’re on what you thought was a nice little getaway, isn’t as easy as it seems. So, I went off to develop a few different ways to tread lightly on this fine line between offering someone a discounted stay at a nice resort, and trying to get them to understand the discounted rate is just another way to get sold on buying a piece of property. 


The more seamless the process, the easier it is for people to buy into.



After understanding how much different the Hyatt Residence Club was from the Hyatt’s other main hotels and brand, as well as other typical “timeshare opportunities,” I came up with a series of different ideas that you could easily track and adjust any promotion to over time. From numerous direct mail pieces for a number of their main properties and various landing page ideas that would give their client the ability to capture leads, I needed to make the experience as seamless as possible.


Your escape. Our resort. It’s a match made in Maui. From idea to execution, this was one of many ideas that made the most sense to execute — using a tipped on card to create more of an exclusive offer than it really was. From there, I would send them to an online landing page where The Hyatt could then capture the prospect’s email that would give them the ability to follow up with them and market other additional offers to. Then, once they got their email, we could take them through the steps of creating their own unique getaway. Plus, use that information to send them a reminder email to take advantage of this exclusive offer (which proved to be a very effective approach).

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