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Hewlett Packard (B2B)

How do you stop a worldwide epidemic of ink-stealing thieves?



Worth approximately $13.2 Billion dollars, Hewlett Packard (HP) has dominated much of the printer and ink business — and has for some time. Brought on to help stop the worldwide-epidemic of ink-stealing thieves, I joined the DraftFCB team (now FCB Global) to come up with a wide array of new ideas, concepts and deliverables that help businesses understand why you should buy HP ink, over others. 


Selling counterfeit ink is big business, costing companies like HP millions of dollars per year to monitor and try to stop.


Counterfeit ink isn’t just harmful to a company’s bottom line, it’s harmful to many businesses and consumers who fall prey to it. Those who think they’re buying something directly from a reputable supplier, only to find their buying something that’s completely illegal. The challenge? To help educate and stop this.


Educating millions of people as to why they, as a business, should even care about buying HP Original Ink is not an easy task. What made it even more difficult? Finding  out how we were going to educate them on the importance of using the new QR code functionality on the new and improved security seal — without being able to alter the packaging in any way. 



Real, Unreal was the first idea that I developed and had gained a lot of traction with the client. Using the QR code as the gateway to help customers find and understand the difference between what is real versus fake ink. Peaking their curiosity just enough through creating a number of real or unreal office scenarios that any business could relate to, they now had a reason to scan the security seal (in the ad), to find out what was “real.” And what was completely “unreal."

Ink Responsibly was the second idea I had come up with. Simple, yet easy to understand the campaign idea would quickly get people to understand why they needed to buy HP ink. Then, with a simple subhead like, “scan the seal, verify it’s real” it would be an easy, memorable way to then educate people all over the globe, on whether or not they were buying real or counterfeit HP ink. One of many simplified solutions to a number of complex problems that needed solving.


Jared is a talented writer who listens to the client’s needs, producing work that clearly reflects objectives of each project. I was not only impressed by his ability to turn complex content into concise messages, but also appreciate his ‘ready for anything’ attitude.
— Mia Campbell, Account Director, DraftFCB Seattle

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Since 2008, I’ve completed over 200 creative copywriting projects for many big-name brands like you see above. Delivering everything from integrated campaigns, video/web/social media campaigns, major website overhauls, microsites, direct mail, print ads and more... I started Jared Kessler Creativeas a way to provide a better, more results-driven approach for doing just that. But in a different more personalized way.

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