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One Medical Group (B2C/B2B)

How do you convince the country to pay more for their healthcare?



One Medical Group has a network of 250+ primary care specialists in 40 US cities and counting. Their type of concierge medical practices promises high-quality care but with added membership costs. Yet with same-day visits and so much more, I joined the Hacker Agency to help spread the word to both consumers and enterprise businesses as to just how much better of an option One Medical Group is, and continues to be, over most run-of-the-mill healthcare providers.


Paying a yearly membership for your healthcare, isn’t an easy thing to convince people of. So when I was brought on to tackle this type of challenge, I knew that I had to illustrate just how much the value of One Medical Group’s service far outweighs any costs. Plus, find any number of ways to just get people in the door, so they could experience first-hand just how much better One Medical Group is than your typical healthcare provider. But on the enterprise level? It was a completely different story and had to become more about how much money companies could save, over time, by getting them to call in for what we liked to call, a free costs-savings analysis. Once in, the rest was up to One Medical Group’s sale associate to close the deal.

“The appeal of becoming a One Medical patient is the convenience combined with the feel of being inside a boutique clinic with quality providers.”

-Business Insider



When you make a certain amount of money, it typically becomes more about saving time then saving money. So the fact that One Medical Group appealed to high-income earners, I knew the potential customers they were targeting were willing to pay more, for better, more convenient service. So highlighting the fact that it was close to work, provides same-day appointments, has 24/7 phone access to someone that could help answer all of your questions, as well as provide online access via videoconferencing to actual doctors… were all essential selling points to highlight.


Happier, healthier customers (and company profits).


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