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A strategic content and consulting studio led by Jared Kessler.


What everyone says they can do, but very few people can really do… well.

I discovered this a few years ago. When I learned that anyone with a college degree would call themselves a copywriter just because we’re “some of the highest-paid writers.”

The only problem?

Although anyone could write, not just anyone could write copy. Effectively. Not everyone can write something that gets someone to buy into a particular product or service. Love it. Connect with it. Hit the “buy now” button and THEN actually take out their hard-earned money and purchase whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

And in a time where anyone can call themselves whatever they want with a few strokes of the keyboard and a semi-decent website, you have to know who’s an actual copywriter and who is just a writer (wanting a copywriter’s pay).


The difference isn’t in the details. It’s in the track-record.


Don’t believe me? Hire me and see for yourself.

See what 10 years of experience and hundreds of projects done and out the door can do for you, your business, or brand. Whether you need someone to write your next commercial or landing page, help to train (or retrain) your growing staff of copywriters, or would like to learn how to write copy yourself, JKC has you covered and then some!


Whether you need someone to help write copy from scratch, or fill in for your copywriter who one-day decided to go wander the jungle in search of his/her long lost passion, JKC can take on just about any size project for virtually any type of industry or deliverable, from concept to completion.

Get coached.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or an agency, everyone needs a little push in the right direction. Especially when you need to get an edge on your competition and it doesn’t seem as if you’re moving forward fast enough to compete with the ever-changing marketplace.

Do it yourself.

Teach yourself to write copy. Learn what’s worked (and hasn’t worked) for me, personally, over the last 10 years to close anywhere from $5k-$75k project and more! In this self-paced, course I’ll personally teach you how to attract and close the right prospects, with the right words, to grow your business.

Any questions?

“It's hard enough to write good copy, but expressing the unique characteristics of the company personality requires an even higher order of copy expertise. Jared’s experience and background doing just this were a real asset to the class learning experience. I especially appreciated his willingness to let us ‘peek under the hood’ and see how he approaches this specific copy challenge. The case studies and examples he shared nicely crystallized the points he made, allowing the students to then replicate and practice using his approach.”

-Carol Schiller, Marketing Professor, University of Washington

“Jared is one of those Copywriters that you can go to with justabout anything. Long copy. Short copy. Conceptual ideas. He’ll get it all done by taking the initiative required to figure out the best way to end up with solutions clients love. That’s not to mention the guy is genuinely great to be around.”

– Matt Gilmore, Creative Director, DraftFCB