Show. Don't tell.

I just got done test-driving a new, Tesla Model 3 and, hours later, I’m still on high from just how much better it is than any other car I’ve driven. So much so, that driving my 2015 Hyundai Elantra, seems like a complete bore to step back into and drive.

Which has me thinking, is traditional advertising and marketing dead?

Do we have to stop trying to convince people to buy our product or service, and instead, create such an extraordinary product or service that those who personally experience it has to be the one to help advertise and market it?

It had me thinking a lot about this lately. That, perhaps the reason why so many of the previous agencies I worked for, doesn’t quite realize (or has failed to realize) this to their own detriment.

That we can’t really convince anyone to buy a product or service, and instead, we must find a way to help others create such an extraordinary product or service that gets people to talk about it more than we do. And not just say “oh, but we’re different,” actually take the necessary time we need to show (and illustrate) to others just how different we really are.

The only problem?

That requires a lot of work. Testing. Marketing. Testing. Then, eventually scaling what works and stopping what doesn’t.

And, these days, who has that kind of time? That kind of patience?

Not many.

So we create safe, boring products or services that practically everyone else has to offer — with very minimal differences. Differences that people really can’t see or feel, but were sold to believe was the best option for them. Only to eventually see, that being “different” isn’t something we can sell someone on. It’s something our customers must experience for themselves and sell themselves on.


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