Hire"Creatives?" Here's how to get the best work from them.

I recently posed a question to a few thousand of my combined social media followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that asked:

"#Creatives. What made some of your best clients, your best clients? And some of your worst clients, your worst clients?" 

If you're an employer who cares about your people (specifically Creatives)...

I'd really urge you to read what some Creatives had shared below as to what they thought were their best clients. And what they consider were their worst clients.

Here's what a handful shared:

"Best clients: Flexible, responsive, communicative, fair pay, has a basic idea of end goal. Worst clients: The opposite of that." 
"Best: Listen to your advice, value your experience and pay promptly. Worst clients: Unrealistic expectations, don't want to do the work (or pay someone else too) but want the results, slow paying."
"Best clients are the ones who have a good idea of what he/she wants but still open to hearing different ideas, re-evaluate and make a decision after they consider everything."


Mind you, I wrote my response below before even seeing how some responded above, I would say, after doing this for the past 10 years:

My best clients: left their ego at the door, didn't haggle over my pricing, respected my process, and had a clear understanding of not just what they wanted... but what they also didn't want. My worst clients: thought they knew everything, wanted things on an unrealistic deadline, thought that just because they were paying me they can treat me however they wanted. 

Now, what does any of this have to do with you?

I personally believe that to get the best results out of Creatives, you're going to have to know what works best for them to provide it.

Hope this helps.

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