Now available! Copywriter coaching + consulting for individuals and agencies.

As I'm sure you already know, writing copy isn't easy. Nor is continuing to doing it, profitably, for any more than 5-10 years as a profession.

That's why I decided to launch, Copywriter Coaching + Consulting for individuals and agencies like you.


It's pretty simple.

Just like how I started copywriting in 2008, I didn't decide to really do this...

You did. 

Meaning, a handful of copywriters and agencies like yours reached out to me for help with certain challenges they were having. And as I took it upon myself to help answer them...

What I found was quite astonishing.

Not only did they seem to benefit from it tremendously, by sharing my 10 years worth of experience on both the agency, freelance, and business side of things...

So did I! 

What makes it so so beneficial for us both? 

From an individual's perspective, you'll get answers to burning questions like:

  • How do I earn more money?

  • What are some things you ask for from your clients, before writing copy for them?

  • What are ways I can better streamline processes when onboarding my clients?

  • How do I avoid getting burnt out?

  • How do I separate myself from other freelance copywriters with more experience? 

  • How do I go from an hourly rate to a project rate?

  • How do I find what makes me a better copywriter so I can justify charging higher prices?

  • How do you go about testing the impact of your copy? 

  • How do I monetize the mailing list that I have? Do you even need to build a mailing list?

  • And more!

From an agency perspective, you'll get answers to burning questions like:

  • How can my team better manage their time when juggling multiple projects?

  • How can I get my team to change mindsets quickly when writing for different client "voices?"

  • What kinds of tools and insights can you recommend to help my team write better, more effective copy?

  • Do you ever experience "writer's block?" How do you get over that?

  • Is there certain advice or processes that work best for presenting your work to clients?

  • How do you increase your writing confidence?

  • How do you minimize the amount of time you spend editing? 

  • And more!

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"Avoid working with Jared at your own risk -- he's a sharp copywriter with a brilliant business mind. And, an invaluable resource to any copywriter looking to enhance their craft, grow their business and ultimately increase the moolah they're bringing in. After just three sessions of working with Jared, he gave me game-changing and hugely actionable insights that not only paid for the price of his coaching sessions... but 3xed my investment."

Cole Schafer, Copywriter, Honey Copy

Who am I?

Since 2008, I've worked with some of the most highly-recognized ad firms and brands, to grow their sales with words and copy. Including Hewlett Packard, Hyatt, T-Mobile, Ben Bridge, Microsoft and more than a dozen others. 

Then, in 2016, I started Jared Kessler Creative to provide a better, more results-driven approach for growing these same kinds of businesses and brands. But in a different, more personalized way -- closing everything from $5k-$75k projects... all... by... myself.

What will you get for hiring a copywriter coach like me? 

Custom copywriter coaching + consulting with me includes:

  • Personal one-on-one coaching and consulting over Skype to tackle any of your most pressing problems.
  • Access to my own personal worksheets, methods, and processes that I've used to close BIG-TIME projects.
  • Custom exercises that we'll review on each call and/or tackling any questions or concerns you face from week to week.
  • Plus, any other burning questions that you're personally struggling with, that you would love to tackle each week. And don't trust doing a Google search for or buying some bogus get-rich-quick-scheme some random guy with minimal experience is trying to sell you from some resort in Hawaii he put on his credit card (and can't afford).

What will it cost? Simply choose the option that works best. 

Option 1:

One one-hour call (or teleconference).

$350 per call.

Option 2:

Four one-hour calls per month.

$900 per month (a $500 savings)

What were the results so far? Pretty astounding, if I do say so myself.

"I was never formally trained as a writer. There we many times where I questioned if I would ever be able to break through and earn a comfortable living at it. So, I finally decided to seek out the advice of a senior figure that had the experience and tools to elevate my writing and my work habits to the next level. Jared not only helped me implement a creative energy management system, he also transformed the way I edited content and gave me a new confidence in my own writing abilities. The end result? I am pumping out higher quality work and getting paid more. Thank you, Jared!"

Alexander VandeLaar, Copywriter/Content Strategist

The decision is yours.

Will you spend countless hours Googling what a trusted professional can provide you in just a few short hours? Continue to learn by trial and error (which can get really expensive)? Or get direct, one-on-one access to a trusted professional who can provide detailed answers, examples, and exercises to all the specific questions you need answers to -- in order to move forward with your career in copywriting, in what could be, a VERY substantial way.

Be one of a select few to lock it in now. Or risk paying more later.

Act now and be one of a select number of people to get direct, one-on-one access to me, for growing your brand and your bottom line. Open enrollment begins now.

But as time goes on and slots fill up?

The price will likely increase, over time. So don't wait! 

How's it work? 

  1. Choose the option that works best.
  2. Wait for an email link to choose a day/time for our call(s).
  3. Hop on your scheduled call and...

Get actionable steps to help drive measurable results. 

It's that simple.

And did I mention it's all backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Meaning if you're not satisfied, or don't feel as if you've at least made your investment back in what you've paid, I'll keep working until you feel as if you are satisfied.

It's really that easy. All upside. Zero downside.

So what are you waiting for?

"Before working with Jared our team of writers were struggling to find consistent solutions to grammatical writing issues and consistency with client blog curation.  Remembering that Jared has extensive experience working with clients to create optimized content, I knew he would the perfect person to help with our problem. Since working with Jared, our writers become more unified, they now collaborate and I have Jared to thank."

Tina Walczak - Chief Design Officer - Hiilite

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Oh and one more thing. 

Lastly, I just want to say it's ok to ask for help. It's not a sign of weakness...

Knowing that you need help, and to have it staring you right in the face without taking any action to get it is.

With that said, set your ego aside and whether it's from me, or someone else you know, have the courage to ask for help. You don't have to figure this all out by yourself anymore!

Jared Kessler