Care. Deliver. It doesn't get any easier (or more difficult) than that.

Not too long ago I had taken a budding Copywriter up on wanting to be an “apprentice.” Mind you, it wasn’t what I thought was some random guy. It was someone who had told me how much he had struggled with trying to break into the industry. 

Someone who had graduated college with a degree in journalism. And someone who had reached out to me, over the course of a year, with needing my help.

Having felt a bit bad that he seemed to be struggling that much with it, I decided to try him out. To give him an assignment that wasn’t what I thought would be that glorious, but would allow me to see just how interested he was in being an “apprentice.”

So, I had responded a few days later to his inquiry and had said something to the effect of:

Ok. How about we do this. I have a podcast that I’d like to turn into a blog. Google my podcast “Unabashedly Real and Creative” and turn Episode X into a blog. I’ll give you one week to do it.

Mind you, I purposely made it difficult. And purposely didn’t give him any more specifics because I wanted to test out whether or not he was really committed. Or whether or not he was more interested in telling me that he was. Not to mention the fact that I already wrote him a few lengthy emails to try and help guide him – which was after the fact that he told me about how he was going to purchase a few copywriting programs to try and be a copywriting coach. 

You heard that right.

A guy with no experience whatsoever was going to buy a program to help teach others how to write copy – when he himself had never done it.



Now, are you wondering what happened a week later? After I had asked him to turn one podcast I recently did, into a blog? 

Here’s what happened. I got an email a few days later saying:

“I designed this website mockup to give you a visual representation of your new website.  I wanted to work more on the copy, but I think that I need to know some more about your audience. I also threw some ideas in there such as an email sign-up to help you grow your email list. I know passionate you are about…” 

And, of course, I’m going to cut out the rest of that email because I don’t really want to scare you.

Now I’m not sure, as my wife had said “if he’s playing with a full deck,” but the reason I want to share this is that I think we all need to be mindful of whether or not we really care about helping others. And whether or not we can deliver what we say we can, without having our own hidden agenda. 

So, tape it on your wall. Commit it to memory. Do whatever you need to do to both care and deliver. And don’t let those words leave your mouth, without fully understanding and embodying what they REALLY mean. And whether or not you REALLY do care. Or like so many others, say you do, but really don't. 

About the author.

Since 2008, Jared Kessler has worked with some of the most highly-recognized firms and brands, to grow their sales with words and copy. Including Hewlett Packard, Hyatt, T-Mobile, Ben Bridge, Microsoft and more than a dozen others. 

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