Congrats! Your new website is up. What now?

There's so much to do, beyond just having a website up these days. And writing copy for a lot of them, I fear so many companies and organizations are missing out on a lot of great opportunities that I think, you'll agree, it's important to discuss.


#1: Know that having a new website and getting people to visit (and purchase something off it) isn't the same thing.

Personally speaking, for over 8 years I was at the top of Google when you type in "Seattle Copywriter" into the search bar or any variation of that (without ever spending one dime to get it there). And 8 out of 10 people that paid me to write copy were through that search, besides referrals. 


Most of the top entries that pop up in the search bar, when you type in the words "Seattle Copywriter" over the last few months seem to be job postings for my industry.

In fact, even as we speak, sometimes the job postings are even above any paid ads (as you see below).

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 7.04.52 AM.png

So what does that mean?

We always have to look, measure and tweak what's working and not working on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And after any new website of ours that launches, determine what to change in the copy, around what is and isn't working. Plus, anything else we need to do to get our target audience over to our new site using any number of endless ideas to do that.

#2: Adjust accordingly.

The biggest misconception about hiring a professional Copywriter in the short term (meaning just to write the copy for your website), I believe, is thinking that the copy that's just been written is going to be the answer to all of your problems. That, just because you as a business hired someone to write the new copy for your new site, you're all done. And whatever they did, was (or should've been) the magic bullet.

But that couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Why do I say that?

Because as most larger businesses and brands know, once your new website launches, even despite how much research and data was looked at to write the initial copy (which I hope, for your sake, someone you hired did), no one really knows what's going to work or not work until it actually goes out into the marketplace.

Not even the best in their field.

I look at it this way:

Let's say a new iPhone comes out. The iPhone is the hardware. BUT, the operating system (OS) is the actual software that runs it. And besides the first initial OS, there's an incredible amount of updates to that software that are all dependant on user feedback and what everyone is saying online about what should or shouldn't be changed. 
It's no different with hiring a professional Copywriter to write the copy for your new website. Once it's done and goes out into the world, things need to change and be updated accordingly. 

But, that's where you (as a company) come in. You have got to listen and see what people respond or don't respond to on your website. Look at where people are going, or not going, and change things over time.

Case in point.

Even with this website, you're on now. A week in, I see that people are looking at my homepage, then checking out the services section, then 2-3 case studies and then... leaving.

In fact, I recently got a call from a prospect to want to work together. A call (which I've rarely gotten before), after I reached out to them on LinkedIn, because I thought I could add a lot of value to what it is their company does.

So what does that mean?

It could mean any number of things, like:

  1. I need to educate people more on the level of experience that I bring to the table, why it's important to hire me and how much other work I've done besides the current case study they're reading above. For instance, removing the "Like what you see" copy at the end of each blog to say something like; Any questions? Since 2008, I've completed over 200 creative copywriting projects for many big-name brands like you see above... This way, it both educates and informs people a bit more as to who I am. Ups my credibility. And doesn't ask for the sale quite yet. 
  2. I need to find better, more effective ways to attract the right clientele. That means reaching out to (or attending events with) CMO's that I want to work with, partnering with other well-respected agencies out there that don't have Copywriter's on staff, etc. 
  3. Change the order around in some case studies, to make sure the ones that appear toward the top of the list, are some of the best, most impactful work that I've done.

My point?

You (or someone you hire) has to know how to look at the data and the research, analyze it, and then find ways to take that same data and change things around to get the result you're looking for.


That has to be part of your long-term plan after your new website is up and out.

#3. Focus on the short AND long-term.

You see, hiring a professional Copywriter will help to get things to where it needs to be, in the short-term. Including, giving it a solid foundation to build off of, over time. But you have to also understand there's always going to be a lot of changes, opinions, and iterations that happen to the copy from the time it starts, to the time it goes live, in the long-term.

So, if you think getting a new website up and hiring a professional Copywriter for just one single time to do it is going to be a one-and-done thing, you're either going to either be INCREDIBLY lucky. Or incredibly disappointed. Either of which doesn't have anything to do with the new website you just hired them to write. It has everything to do with how the marketplace is responding to it. And whether or not you're willing (or even know how) to adjust to what's happening, or not happening, over time.

About the author.

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