Everything is expensive if it just sits there.

A few months ago, I had a client put a project on hold that had told me that although my work was great, that it just showed them that there was a positioning problem that needed to be solved at the highest of levels.

Meaning the CEO and top-level executives needed to come together and go over their positioning because who they want to be now, versus who people know them to be, just isn't lined up.

So, to say that I was pretty disappointed was an understatement. Not to mention the fact that, $18,500 (what was due to me to finish this project) was gone and out the door.

But there wasn't anything I could do. Except to get the money that we agreed on, for the work I was paid up until then.

And the rest?

It was over.

And so, a few months go by and I decided to check in with the Chief Marketing Officer to see how things are going -- because I see that the website is exactly the same. Except, this time she had made a few weird comments about how she didn't wind up doing anything because she "blew her entire budget for the year." Making a comment to me, "and because of your ridiculously expensive services (just kidding)..."

So, I said to myself:

"Excuse me? Do you know how much work I put in to deliver everything I said I would deliver? In the exact time that I said I would? 

But make no mistake, you're exactly right. It IS ridiculously expensive to hire someone for services rendered, and in the end, you have it sit there and do nothing."

And ladies and gentlemen, it's the same with everything.

"A Mercedes Benz is a ridiculously expensive car if it just sits in the garage and does nothing.

A $7,000 seminar you pay for to attend is ridiculously expensive if you don't show up and participate in it.

And guess what?

$4.25 for a cup of coffee is ridiculously expensive if you pay for it and winds up just sitting there, doing nothing, too.

So, yes. Hiring someone to do something, that you cut short of the end goal, IS ridiculously expensive. For sure!

But still, it's not as ridiculously expensive as the amount of money it's costing you and your company, day in and day out, by just letting things sit there and do nothing.

Because, as I've said before:

"Making a wrong decision can be costly for any business. But indecision is sometimes just as costly."

About the author.

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