You appreciate the work when you understand what's behind it.

Much like you, there's a lot behind what I do as a professional Copywriter and Strategist. In fact, often-times I feel as if copywriting is one of the most impactful yet least understood professions out there.

The reason I say that?

It's becoming easier and easier to put up a website and call yourself anything you want, these days. But it's another thing, to actually deliver what's on it.

To put in the kind of work that it takes to go from concept to completion. And to go from idea to execution.

And often-times, no one really knows what it takes until you sometimes have to explain every aspect of what you do on any number of projects -- in person or over the phone.

I know because only when people actually hire me, do they see (and recognize) all the work that it takes to get to a finished product. Including all the research, the revisions, the pages of work that can sometimes go into one page of copy -- including the intricate details and work that it takes to try and understand every aspect of your audience...

And try, to the best of my ability, to understand what's working and not working.

To see how to communicate what we need to, in as few words as possible. But at the same time, is as emotionally-driven as possible...

That's both on brand AND on budget.

From the lines to a sentence, to where it actually breaks. To writing a paragraph of copy and take that same copy and be able to create a relevant Facebook ad or Tweet with it. To make sure the messaging hierarchy is right and we talk about what needs to be mentioned first, and what needs to be mentioned last. And then, to create 3 new versions of that, working hand in hand with a professional designer, to properly execute it across countless deliverables.

And if things don't look right?

Be able to cut down the words, but still keeps the concept intact -- to where everyone is still happy.


Be just as creative as you are professional to present it to the client. Take highly-critical feedback (at times) and either start from scratch. Or make the necessary tweaks, and at the same time, be able to keep the same concept/idea through and through.

So please, before you look at someone's work and think how easy it was to get to a finished product, just know that it's taken years upon YEARS of work to get it there. And many times, days/weeks/months of actual work and failed attempts to get it all just right.

And the simpler it looks?

Often-times, the harder it was.

About the author.

Since 2008, Jared Kessler has worked with some of the most highly-recognized firms and brands, to grow their sales with words and copy. Including Hewlett Packard, Hyatt, T-Mobile, Ben Bridge, Microsoft and more than a dozen others. 

He started Jared Kessler Creative to provide a better, more strategic approach for growing these same kinds of businesses and brands. But in a different, more personalized way. 

Curious how? 

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