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Ben Bridge

How do you create the need for a high-priced product, even though there may not be one?



Since 1912 Ben Bridge has been a personal jeweler on one single mission: to help customers celebrate special moments. With over 80 retail stores, in 11 states, their commitment to service, ethics and excellence has never waivered in all that time. Joining the team at Jones Advertising I wanted to bring this idea to life, as well as many others.


Many people only buy jewelry for a special occasion. But to keep a store like this open, for as long as it has, that’s just not good enough. So, I partnered with Jones Advertising to come up with new and unique ways we can help make jewelry just as special as the person that buys it.


Understanding the history of Ben Bridge and what makes them so unique to every other jewelry store, I looked throughout their entire history to find new and unique ways to better understand not just their company, but also their competitors. Constantly asking myself one single question: how can we get people into their store for not just that one special occasion? But for all occasions?


It’s never just the product itself that we buy into. It’s the feeling we get from owning it.



Featuring their signature cut diamond, I wanted to focus not just on trying to sell a piece of jewelry to prospective customers, but instead, the actual feeling you get from purchasing it, from Ben Bridge. 

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