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A creative content studio led by Jared Kessler.

A creative content and consulting studio for growing brands and bottom lines.


Where words and pictures collide.


Located just outside of Seattle, Washington, Jared Kessler Creative (JKC) is a creative content and consulting studio that delivers thoughtfully-crafted words and pictures for growing brands and bottom lines.

One that specializes in offering a more honest and authentic approach for all of your copywriting (and content) needs. Providing an unmatched level of creativity and care you can rely on, from start to finish.

Because anyone can be cheaper.

I believe you deserve better.


Jared Kessler


See for yourself.

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“Using his highly sought after creative strategies and insights, I’ve personally found that Jared does whatever it takes to deliver the perfect solution for all his clients. Whether your next project is due in two weeks or in two months, you’ll find true professionalism and a strong desire to think outside the box in whatever Jared does."

– Thom Milkovic, UI/UX Design Professional


“Before working with Jared our team of writers were struggling to find consistent solutions... Remembering that Jared has extensive experience working with clients to create optimized content, I knew he would be the perfect person to help with our problem. Since working with Jared, our writers have become more unified, they now collaborate and have Jared to thank.”

– Tina Walczak, Chief Design Officer, Hiilite