Hi. I'm Jared.

Look, I understand that we're all trying to make things work in our business. To help the products and services we believe in, stand out from the noise and come alive.

The only thing is, you can’t get to where you need to go because you’ve overlooked and underestimated one of the most vital aspects to ANY business—a kung fu shot to the head with your words. Your message. Your copy.

Me? I just want to light a match to it. Take that passion you have for what it is you do, and sculpt it. Package it. Engage others to want to do business with you, because there is no one else on this PLANET that can do what you do—the way you do it.

So what happens now?

Let’s Get Started.

From large successful businesses to highly recognized ad firms & brands, I (Jared Kessler) have a proven track record of growing sales with the written word–using creative copy solutions to solve customer problems.

“Jared is one of those Copywriters that you can go to with just about anything. Long copy. Short copy. Conceptual ideas. He’ll get it all done by taking the initiative required to figure out the best way to end up with solutions clients love. That’s not to mention the guy is genuinely great to be around.”

Matt Gilmore

DraftFCB Seattle

Associate Creative Director

“Jared naturally set a very high standard for attention to detail and follow up, and also did great work contributing where there were creative leadership opportunities in our campaign. Great to work with Jared – would recommend to anyone looking for senior copywriting.”

Marisa Fulmer


Project Manager

“Kick Ass, indeed. Jared is a bubbling cauldron of positive energy and enthusiasm. He brainstorms brilliant concepts and then figures the best strategy to implement them into action. He’s a straight shooter who gets things done on-time and correctly. Jared is motivated to help his clients succeed. He’s a great advocate to have on your side”

Dave Waite



Because being different just isn’t good enough anymore.

Implementing different is.

View the Work.

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Let’s help you generate not just outside the box creative, but highly-strategic, results-driven creative that helps you grow your sales with the written word.

Still not convinced we’re the perfect match? Just email me at jared@jaredkesslercreative.com and we can setup a convenient time to talk more about your project. And how I can help to achieve (and maybe even surpass) your key business objectives. Together.